TPT Injection Molding Press

Are You Tired of Unsafe & Unreliable Plastic Products from China?

TPT is your solution. It is true that we are best known for bringing innovation to the pet category but our roots are in plastic injection molding. Our team boasts over 40 years of injection molding expertise.

  • EU and Pacific Rim Certified.
  • Low overhead and efficient operations, coupled with our proprietary lower cost process, create an economic advantage for our customers.
  • 23 JSW new model Injection molding machines ranging from 165 ton – 500 tons
  • Proprietary single step manufacturing process enhances dissolvability and offers lower cost solution.
  • Proprietary curing system guaranteeing consistency of products.
  • Full service in house laboratory offering pH, Aw, Moisture, NIR, hardness measures.
  • Committed to sustainable environmentally responsible operations.
  • Big enough to drive significant cost savings for our customers - Small enough to be nimble and flexible to your needs - Specialize in delighting our customers.
  • Inquisitive with a focus on continuous improvement
  • Proficient at plastic injection molding.
  • Hunger for innovation and relish to solve the “thought to be unsolvable” challenge.
  • Offer affordable labor and turnkey solutions for a wide range of projects.

Our excellence in customer service will delight you during every interaction. We won’t leave you hanging until the sun comes up in twelve hours because we’re awake when you are. Further, you won’t need an interpreter to get your question answered.

Scott Ruland - Process Control Manager/Engineer

Scott Ruland

Process Control Manager/Engineer

Andy Teconchuk - Research and Development

Andy Teconchuk

Innovation Specialist