Do You Have The Next Great Idea That Will Take the Pet Industry by Storm?

Targeted Pet Treats is the perfect partner. Simply stated our mission is “Building Your Brands with Passion and Ingenuity: Guaranteed”. Our propriety process, great people, state of the art equipment is complemented by a passion for the industry that is without equal in the industry.

Whats Safe For Pets To Eat Should Be Safe For Us To Eat

Food Safety is our top priority so you will never have to wonder if your injection molded food products are being produced under the most stringent and rigorous guidelines in the industry. We were the first injection molding food facility to achieve the prestigious SQF level 2 certification and have maintained that status for over four years.

  • Best in class food safety. 4 years and counting with the SQF II certification.
  • SQF is the Gold Standard in Food Safety and part of Global Food Safety Initiative recognized around the world by almost all major retailers.
  • EU and Pacific Rim Certified.SQF 2000 - Quality Certified Supplier
  • Proprietary single step manufacturing process enhances dissolvability and offers lower cost solution.
  • Full service in house laboratory offering pH, Aw, Moisture, NIR, hardness measures.
  • We own no brands of our own so your brands are our top priority.
  • Passion for the industry – We are dog lovers – We love bringing your ideas to market.

Contact us today an allow us to bring your idea to life.